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Traditional Medicine and Springtime

The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.

— Harriet Ann Jacobs

Ahh…spring…my heart is happy…flowers will begin to bloom, the weather warms and all life’s possibilities seem…possible again. According to Traditional Medicine there is a reason for this euphoric sensation. Spring is the absolute best season for renewal, growth, movement and creativity. After a long, cold winter our minds and bodies begin to emerge from hibernation mode and start to live again. Joy!

Spring is an amazing time to let go of all the emotions you’ve held inside during the winter months. If you have anger or resentment or frustration…let them go and embrace your inner child. Like the flower that has hidden its beauty for months, spring should bring us release, happiness and a new clarity of mind and spirit.

In Traditional Medicine, spring is all about the liver and the gall bladder. These two organs work in tandem to move blood and bile and are essential to the overall health of your tendons, eyes, lungs and spleen. By caring for your liver and gall bladder you will help your tendons strengthen and make yourself more flexible and able to move better. Eyes are so important to each of us…who doesn’t want better vision for a lifetime? And our lung and spleen health helps ensure a balanced immune system which can help us get through those springtime hay fever attacks much easier.

Not surprisingly, green is the colour of springtime in Traditional Medicine and it follows that spring’s taste profile is sour. So…green and sour…how do you eat for spring? The good news is what grows in spring is what you want to eat in spring.

The liver and gall bladder are both purified by eating lots of delicious greens. Some of my favourites are kale, rocket, silver beet and all the lettuces. Lemon juice in warm water is very efficacious for helping your body move bile. It’s also a yummy alternative to tea and coffee first thing in the morning.

There are lots of foods and herbs that are excellent for supporting liver and gall bladder function. For your liver try ginger, turmeric and dandelion root. Your gall bladder will thank you for adding artichoke, capsicum and citrus fruit to your diet.

Spring is officially here. Warm weather, blue skies and picnics are just around the corner. Why not start treating your body to spring healing now…it will thank you with better immunity, movement and mental health.

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