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Sweet As Sugar

Eat less sugar - you’re sweet enough already.

— Cecile Wright

From a Traditional Medicine perspective, sugar is a natural craving. When you crave sweets, it’s because your spleen and stomach are out of balance and trying to get you to do something about it. From a Traditional Medicine perspective, your organs need sugar to boost their function and return your body to equilibrium.

Well…fantastic…now I can have that muffin, my Freddo Frogs and that block of Caramilk I’ve been craving – right? Unfortunately – wrong.

While it is true that we need sugar in order to survive…most of us eat way too much of the white stuff. Or, we eat the wrong type of sugar. Which is a vicious cycle because this overindulgence causes us to gain weight and the more sugar you eat and drink – the more you want.

What’s the solution? Like so much of life the answer is moderation. Instead of sugary sweets – reach for a ripe, juicy peach. Rather than supersize your Coke – opt for a no-sugar-added fruit juice. Limit yourself when it comes to the refined sugar you eat and drink. Save those Freddo Frogs and that Caramilk block for a special treat…and then only allow yourself a small amount rather than finishing the entire bag or block.

And remember that while too much sugar is like pumping poison into your body – going to the other extreme – removing sugar entirely – is no better for you. Your body needs the fuel sugar provides in the form of energy and ATP (which is the primary carrier of energy in cells) or it would shutdown. It also provides a relaxation response when your body is under stress and gives you a quick pick-me-up when you need it most.

So…from a Traditional Medicine point of view…try balancing your cravings by consuming foods that are good for your spleen. Root vegetables, fruit, ginger, brown rice, cinnamon and beans are a good starting point.

From a Western Medicine perspective try to make certain that your blood sugar stays on an even keel. Eat small meals more often and listen to your body. If you start feeling lightheaded or foggy this may be your body’s way of telling you your sugar levels have dropped.

Moderation is key. It may not always be sexy but moderation in most things will help save your body and mind a lot of trouble in the present and the future.

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