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Signs of Summer

Summer has a flavour like no other. Always fresh and simmered in sunshine.

— Oprah Winfrey

November has arrived and with it a distinct aroma of summer. Within a few weeks the cool, crisp nights will give way to bright, cloudless skies filled with warmth and long, lazy days at the beach. Ahhhh…summer…how do I love thee…let me count the ways!

Summer means throwing open our doors and windows, dusting off the grill and pulling out our sunscreen and beach hats. It is a season full of energy and possibility. We head outside, grateful for the breeze and sunshine. We are happy to be active and out of our house.

Summer in Traditional Medicine is the season of the heart and the small intestine. Summer’s colour is red and its emotion is joy. What’s not to love? Traditional Medicine states that summer is all about Yang energy (or fire) so be sure to engage in activities that encourage this element. But…be careful…you don’t want to overdo things and wind up with excess fire energy.

Rising early in summer and going to bed later helps us take full advantage of the season’s healing energy. Because summer’s primary emotion is joy – make sure your activities focus on bringing you happiness. Make it a priority to laugh more and stress less. Drink lots of fluids, take five minutes during the day to help replenish your energy and stay away from anger which can exacerbate heat (or fire). Live by the motto – Keep Calm and Carry On.

Eat foods that have a cooling Yin energy to help counteract all that Yang fire. By eating raw foods you are also helping with the cooling process. Most fruit and veg are cooling by nature. Some of my favourites are: peaches, bok choy, cucumber, tomato, cantaloupe, mint, asparagus and watermelon.

Cooling foods are wonderful in summer for many reasons. They are healthy, slimming for our waistlines and hydrating for our body. They are also good for your skin and will give you a healthy glow.

Traditional Medicine is all about living and eating for the season you are experiencing. Summer is the best season to my mind because I love eating fresh, raw, healthy salads and smoothies.

Summer is just around the corner and my mouth is watering. I can’t wait to dive into freshness and eat (and laugh) my way to a healthier me.

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