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Retrain Your Brain

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.

— Helen Keller

Do you like yourself? Are you comfortable being alone with you? We don’t often think about that simple question but it speaks volumes about your self-image. If you don’t like you – how can you expect anyone else to enjoy your company? Loving yourself really is the key that will open so many doors in your life.

We can all help our self-image by providing our brain with nourishing and uplifting content. Much like our bodies respond positively when we exercise and eat well, our minds react to the stimuli we feed them. Show your brain love and it will give love back to you ten-fold.

Every morning when you wake up…try to make your first conscious thought a positive one. It may sound trite but by starting your mind off on a positive path every day, you will be amazed how much more positive energy surrounds you.

Before long, you will find that you don’t need to make such an effort to be happy. You will naturally think positive thoughts because you will have retrained your brain to expect those good outcomes…you stop looking for excuses to fail. Instead, like an athlete training for a competition – your mind strengthens and flourishes.

Mental health is the foundation on which our entire lives stand. Without a positive self-image it doesn’t matter how much money you have, how healthy you are or how many good things are in your life – you will always feel empty. Learning to view everything that happens in your life in a positive light takes practice, discipline and energy. But by retraining your brain to view things in a good light, instead of negatively, it will bring rewards you never imagined.

And the true beauty of a positive self-image and good mental health is that it doesn’t just benefit you. Your relationships will deepen and become more fulfilling. You will see a shift in how your nearest and dearest respond to you. People you don’t know will be influenced by your glow of happiness…you will literally begin to spread the joy.

This joy will become your new reality and every relationship you have from spouse, to kids to boss…even the people you’ve never managed to connect with before…will improve. By embracing the happiness within, you will draw love to you and send that love back out into the world.

The path won’t always be easy…sometimes we will fall short…we may even fail…but by getting up and trying again the next day we can all benefit and live our best life. And that reality is worth striving for.

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