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Back Pain Goes Bye-Bye

My favourite childhood memory is my back not hurting.

— Gladys Valencia-Cavallo

Truer words were never spoken. When you are dealing with back pain…back pain is all you can deal with. I know this firsthand since I hurt my back some years ago and have had to deal with the resultant on again/off again pain flair-ups.

The issue with back pain is more than just the agony you contend with…sometimes getting a proper diagnosis is no easy feat. Back pain can be dull and throbbing or acute and piercing. It can force you into bed for days on end or leave you feeling like you’ve aged to 120 years old overnight. Just standing up and taking a few steps suddenly feels like a weeks long trek through the Sahara desert.

If your back pain is chronic…that can be even more debilitating. Depression can set in and you begin to feel as if getting out of bed is too much effort.

But take heart. There are things you can do to help your back get back into shape. Acupuncture may help lessen your pain and your acupuncturist will also work with you to try to determine the root cause of your issues. By combining these two treatment criteria the chances of pain relief and the overall benefits go up exponentially. By helping to restore your body’s Qi (“chee”) back pain and inflammation may be reduced.

There are also some self-care techniques you can try which may help your back heal and strengthen.

1. Try to improve your posture. Poor posture is one of the primary causes of back pain. Computers, tablets, phones, etc. all cause us to bend or stoop in unnatural ways which in turn puts large amounts of stress on our backs and necks. By standing more upright, making a conscious effort not to stoop when you sit, stand or walk your back will be more naturally balanced. Your weight is more evenly distributed and your back has a chance to realign itself.

2. Exercise. We know how important exercise is to our overall wellbeing but by having a strong core…concentrating on our abs by doing Yoga and Tai Chi…we are helping our body build the muscles our back needs to be strong. Everything is connected.

3. Believe it or not – stress can affect your back health. Stress is a major contributor to pain – both physical and mental. Try to take some meditation minutes everyday. Do some cleansing breathing and clear your mind. It is remarkable how just a few minutes of deep breathing on a daily basis can bring your calm centre into focus.

Back pain is not fun. But with some acupuncture, some exercise and some mindfulness – you can help yourself to relieve the pain and live a fuller and more active life.

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