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Autumn and the Lungs

Today I thought that I would continue to focus on Autumn foods and other tips that will help boost your lung health.

In Traditional Medicine, each of the four seasons provides us with the chance to reinforce and bring into balance a different organ system. Autumn is specifically related to the lungs.

By taking the opportunity to balance a specific system, we can ensure that organ is supported year-round. By dealing with things that cause lung infirmity we provide support for many lung-related issues which include: (1) a compromised immune system (those annoying colds and flu), (2) hay fever and sinus issues, (3) skin conditions and (4) asthma. By building up our lungs in the Autumn we may be able to help lessen the hay fever and sinus problems that plague us in the Spring.

To help ensure lung health try to eat the season. Go to your local farmer’s market and see what they have available. Chances are the fruit and vegetables available will be largely seasonal. By concentrating on eating local and eating fresh you help your body adjust to each season.

In Traditional Medicine there are many foods that are related to the lungs and helping them stay strong and healthy. These are known as “white” foods. There is a long list but some of my favourites are apples, onions, cauliflower, parsnips, potatoes and oats. This DOES NOT mean that you should eat white bread and sugar! Sure, they are white, but they aren’t healthy!!!

For me, the best news is that pickled foods are awesome for lung health. The fermentation process helps keep your digestion on track and your immune system humming with health. I LOVE kimchi, yogurt, sour cream and kombucha! If you really want to be adventurous…try brewing your own kombucha tea at home. It is easy, fun and so very good for you. You can add any natural flavouring you like but my favourite is lemon and ginger! I also make my own homemade refrigerator pickles. You can use cucumber, radishes, onions…you name it…you can pickle it! And they keep for ages in airtight jars in your fridge.

Warm foods are good for you as the weather cools. Try to keep icy drinks and cold or cool foods to a minimum. Opt instead for warm meals…things like oatmeal for breakfast, soups for lunch and slow-cooked dinners.

It is important to remember to keep fit in the colder months. It’s so easy to give into being sedentary in the winter but this is bad for the lungs (and the rest of you) so resist the urge. You don’t have to be a cardio fiend…just moving, stretching, doing Tai Chi and Yoga are more than enough to get your blood moving and keep your lungs happy.

Remember, breathing is essential to life, so keep those lungs in good shape and they will reward you with a lifetime of deep, cleansing breaths to help you every day.

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