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Acupuncture 101

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.

-----Thomas Carlyle

Many people believe that if they start acupuncture treatments they will be at their acupuncturist constantly for the rest of their lives. But the goal of acupuncture is balance of the meridian system. And once balanced and maintained, this system will work like a finely tuned machine for the rest of your life with only minor adjustments.

Think of acupuncture like orthodontics. When your dentist first fits you for braces, you spend a lot of time in her office. There are x-rays, fittings, wires, adjustments…this is similar to your first few weeks of acupuncture treatment. You may see your acupuncturist two times a week for a month or more as she brings your meridian system and the accompanying imbalances into line.

You then enter the second stage of treatment. In orthodontics, this might entail cleaning, tightening or loosening the wires and making sure your teeth are straightening as expected. In acupuncture, this period is used to ensure your issues have become manageable and that your body is responding to treatment and coming into balance with each passing week. Your visits will decrease to once a week or even once every two weeks.

And finally, the third phase. Your dentist will remove the braces, fit you for a retainer and make certain that you have the tools and knowledge to care for your teeth for the rest of your life. Similarly, your acupuncturist will help you understand your issues, what caused them and then give you the knowledge to keep your meridian system humming along peacefully. You can then become a wellness patient and see your acupuncturist once a month or even every other month to ensure your continued well-being.

A lifetime of care for your teeth is important. But overall wellness is essential to a long, healthy life filled with joy and balance. Remember…you can neglect your carefully straightened teeth and find yourself right back where you began with a mouth full of braces. Or…you can maintain what you started and reap the benefits forever. The same reality holds true with your meridian system. A little acupuncture tweak here and there, a healthy diet, exercise and self-care goes a long way. After all…you’re worth it!

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