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Mind & Body Connection TCM

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that everything in the universe is interconnected, including our bodies. The mind and body are not viewed as separate entities; rather they are a part of a whole energetic system. What happens to the body effects the mind, and what happens to the mind effects the body.

Qi (pronounced "chee") is the life-force or energy that flows through each of our bodies. Qi travels through channels known as meridians to every cell, tissue and organ, providing them with the nourishing energy that they require to function to their highest potential. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine each bodily organ corresponds to a particular emotion. For example; anger, irritability, resentment and frustration are all emotions that are linked to the liver. When these emotions are triggered or are felt in excess over a length of time, liver Qi can become stagnated or imbalanced.

When liver Qi becomes stagnated or imbalanced, this is when pain and illness occur. Liver Qi stagnation can cause liver Qi energy to rise to the head, resulting in symptoms such as a red face, dizziness, headaches and more. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are 7 emotions that have the ablility to trigger pain and disease. These emotions are: Anger, Joy, Worry, Pensiveness, Sadness, Fear and Shock. As each of these emotions are connected to a particular organ in the body, when they are experienced frequently or in excess, Qi can become stagnated or imbalanced. This can cause the corresponding organ to become depleted or injured and therefore opens the door to further pain and disease.

The beliefs in Traditional Chinese Medicine suggest that cause and effect occur in a circular motion.  Acupuncture works to re-balance qi where it may have become imbalanced or blocked. By correcting the balance in Qi to a particular organ in the body and creating emotional stability, it may assist in treating pain and illness.

With the fast-paced ways of the modern world, it is easy to become overwhelmed by negative thoughts, feelings and emotions - sometimes on a daily basis. It is important however to try and control these emotions and to not allow them to take-over. Besides acupuncture, there are several other ways of controlling and calming our emotions. For example; ensure to take time to breathe and relax, allow your body to get sufficient rest, eat healthily, exercise and keep a positive mind-set. Emotions are a part of being human and a certain amount of each emotion is healthy. It is only when these emotions begin to take-over that they have the ability to open the door to pain and disease.

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